August Birthday Clean Up... Well sort of.

Marco Rosito and Andrew Janseck had quite a tale to tell.  Apparently they felt called by God to
attack the "cudzoo" skirting our property. They set out with comparing this cudzoo with all that is sinful in the  
world and in need of God's judgement.  They gathered what they cut and placed it on the fire pile.  They might
have set fire when God spoke to them in a kinda like vision.  He spoke  by sending down a lightning bolt which
somehow convinced them to cease their judgement upon the infamous cudzoo.  God will be the one to seperate
the weeds from the wheat or the cudzoo from the magnolias. In the end Marco vows to return to his other hobby
of making spaghetti sauce from scratch.  And Andrew is still trying to master his golf swing as he communicates
with God.  Andrew just hold that nine iron at 90 degrees and wait for those cumullous clouds to show up.  We
are very thankful to them for their courage to rid our corner of the world of the cudzoo.

Vestry notes for the month of July:


Fall Festival                                                          10/01
Outreach Sunday                                                 10/02

ECW Annual Conference                    10/7-10/8, 2005

Stewardship Sunday                                             10/09
Annual Parish Meeting                                         10/30

Diocesan Convention                             2/23-2/25 2006
Bishop Parsley visitation                               4/23 2006


Christian Education:

September 4th we are going to hold a children's service at 9:45am  all children and their families are welcome to
join us. Please gather to discover

The Fall Festival


Tickets are now on sale for the Pancake Breakfast,  the Barbecue Lunch, The Evening Entertainment.


MISSION 2006  to Honduras

Members of our congregation who are interested in a mission trip to Honduras in the summer of 2006
Please call Don Sorjonen for details.  The cost of the mission trip will be about $1,400.00.  It would be
good to begin saving up.


We want you to know that you can now access the church office by e-mail, Please try to
keep business correspondence at this address.
For more personal mail you can use Fr. Ken's address